Twitter creators can get paid in Digital Currency Qoute Coin

Twitter creators can get paid in Digital Currency Qoute Coin

New York City: Twitter has been on guard against the threat of being shut down by its abusive content policy and removed many accounts with political views that it finds to be “abusive.” But now, Twitter is also taking steps to make sure its platform isn’t overrun with spam bots or other spammy content. Today, the company announced that it’s partnering with Roll for a new feature where users can receive payments in cryptocurrency.

Twitter has teamed up with the crypto-based payment app Roll to offer Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency payments to creators in addition to regular ol’ cash.

The social network announced that creators can opt into a new feature called “Creator Payments” on Twitter, which will allow them to receive payments directly from their fans using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, as well as other digital currencies. Creators who register their wallet through the service will be able to receive both fiat currency (such as dollars) and virtual currencies like bitcoin or ethereum, according to an announcement by Twitter on Wednesday morning.

Roll CEO Elad Gil told Business Insider that he believes this is “the first time we’ve seen” a major platform offering such an option for monetizing content creators.”

Creators can opt into the feature and register their cryptocurrency wallets through which Roll will send their payment.

Creators can use any cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum ERC20 tokens to receive payment in ETH.

A lot of what we are doing is about bridging the gap between a very digital world and everything else, which hasn’t moved online yet,

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it’s important to keep it relevant. That’s why Twitter has been working on creating a new platform that will allow users to buy digital currency with their real-world money.

Twitter wants you to use crypto in your daily lives, so they are trying to make sure that when you tweet about how much cryptocurrency you own or how much money people should invest in cryptocurrencies, these tweets will show up in your followers’ feeds and therefore attract more people who might want to follow them as well.

Twitter creators can get paid in Digital Currency Qoute Coin

The existence of this program suggests that this is another way for Twitter to monetize its platform in a different, though uncertain, way. Monetization on social media platforms has traditionally been done via advertising.

Twitter has been struggling with revenue for years. The platform has been trying to get more users to use its platform, but it hasn’t been able to make money off of those users.

This program suggests that Twitter is looking for new ways to monetize its user base and make more money from people who already use it—and cryptocurrency could be one way.

Though many people like the idea of being paid in cryptocurrency and potentially making money, cryptocurrency is still not widely used by most people.

Though many people like the idea of being paid in cryptocurrency and potentially making money, cryptocurrency is still not widely used by most people. This is because there are many other options available to you if you want to make money online without having to sell your personal information or join an MLM program.

Cryptocurrency isn’t just a new form of currency; it’s also not exactly Bitcoin either. There are over 1,500 different cryptocurrencies out there right now! Most people don’t know what they’re talking about when they say “cryptocurrency,” so let me explain some things about this term:

  • Cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated by any government agency—which means that there’s no central authority overseeing how cryptocurrencies work or how their value can change over time (like stocks).
  • Cryptocurrencies aren’t backed by anything tangible like gold or silver—they’re just numbers stored inside computers somewhere which represent ownership rights over digital assets such as tokens representing shares in companies’ stock prices (or whatever else).

Twitter’s crypto function could help more people get into crypto and make it more mainstream.

If you’re not familiar with cryptocurrency, it’s important to understand that it is a new way of making money. Cryptocurrency isn’t regulated by the government and it doesn’t have any physical value—so many people are afraid of investing in it because they don’t know enough about how it works or what risks there might be involved.

However, if Twitter can use its influence as one of America’s most popular social media platforms to help more people get into crypto (and make it more mainstream), then we might see more mainstream adoption in the future!

The cryptocurrency space is still a very wide open, but it’s getting more and more popular. If Twitter can create an easy way to pay creators with cryptocurrency, then it will not only help them monetize their platform but also enable more people to get into it and potentially make money doing so.

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