Arweave Will Be Using Instagram's NFTs As Storage

Arweave Will Be Using Instagram's NFTs As Storage QouteCoin

New York City: Arweave, a decentralized storage network (DCN) has just announced a new cooperation with Meta, an American multinational technology corporation. This relationship will allow users of Instagram to store non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Arweave’s network. On November 2, 2022, Arweave made the public announcement of the new contract.

Arweave has just formed a partnership with Meta, and as part of this partnership, the company has committed to ensuring the permanency of data on Meta’s Instagram platform. Along with the partnership announcement, Arweave also tweeted:

“I am delighted to let you know that Meta has started using Arweave for the safekeeping of its creators’ digital artifacts on Instagram! Providing the web2 titans with long-term storage of their data!

Meta is in the process of converting Instagram into an NFT marketplace; Meta’s Creator Week
By deploying NFT storage infrastructure in partnership with Arweave, Stephane Kasriel, director of Commerce and Financial technology at Meta, has announced the company’s substantial Web3 expansions on Instagram.

Kasriel, the CEO of Meta, has announced that his company is going to launch “a bunch of new tools to help creators build their businesses,” one of which is a way to create and sell digital collectibles (NFTs) directly on Instagram. This announcement was made in conjunction with the commencement of Meta’s Creator Week. Meta’s new technologies, such as the Arweave NFT storage, will first be put out on the Polygon as part of the company’s efforts to initiate its social media Web3 improvements.

Arweave Will Be Using Instagram’s NFTs As Storage QouteCoin

According to Kasriel, Meta is also working to broaden the sorts of collectibles that its users are able to show on Instagram. This expansion will include videos. Support for the second biggest blockchain, Solana and Phantom, is going to be added by the industry’s most successful technology company.

Meta is increasing access to Instagram subscribers, providing giving on Instagram Reels, and creating new options for users to support artists through Facebook Stars, in addition to making improvements relating to blockchain technology. Meta is of the opinion that the purpose of all of these features is to assist Instagram content producers in “making a livelihood.”

Kasriel believes that blockchain technology plays a part in the realization of this objective because it has the potential to facilitate the development of entirely new business models for creators. These models will grant creators increased control over their work and audiences, as well as how they monetize their creations. However, in Kasriel’s opinion, blockchain technology has to become more user-friendly before it can legitimately increase the economic opportunities available to artists.

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