WhatsApp crash Are decentralized blockchain messengers viable

WhatsApp crash Are decentralized blockchain messengers viable QouteCoin

New York City: Since ICQ, the first online chat program, IM services have been expected to provide. Users expect them to function, yet most popular chat applications have regular downtimes.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging programs. WhatsApp, like Instagram and Facebook, is centralized. When the service is down, it affects more than simply the two billion monthly users who tweet about it.

WhatsApp exemplifies centralization: Despite roughly one-third of the world utilizing it, consumers have no input over the end output.

Centralized chat applications fail, why?

A centrally managed product follows specific lifecycle processes. Someone must handle all parts of the consolidated product.

The huge scope of the product makes even little upgrades a mess of human mistakes, database difficulties, and not enough time to test the version before releasing it out to satisfy stakeholder expectations. The “usual suspects of failure” increase when the service is consolidated and maintained by a single organization due to many cyber assaults on the infrastructure.

WhatsApp crash Are decentralized blockchain messengers viable QouteCoin

Tuna Özen and his colleagues call TransferChain a cloud platform with a decentralized decision-making process on a distributed ledger. According to Özen, the app’s transparent process storage and communication data storage are unmanipulated, unreadable, and untraceable, unlike centralized apps.

Decentralized services have more durable infrastructures but are still far behind centralized ones in user base and popular acceptance. Remember that if DApps get more popular, they would likely require greater regulatory scrutiny, and governments globally would likely struggle with this new form of communication, given that they just recently begun to understand the new form of money.

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